Players at this age are by now used to playing full ice hockey, they understand game rules and positions, and their fundamental skills are developed. We build up on that, focus more on the details of the techniques of the skills - lateral skating, power skating, fakes and dekes with the puck, shooting, to name a few. Players are also more challenged on an individual basis during the games, every player has a specific role on the team and everything that comes with it - responsibilities for the outcome of the game, healthy pressure to hold their own and often more, learning from winning a game as well as from losing one. This all is conducted in a positive and healthy learning environment. 

Ages: 11-12
Birth year: 2005-2006

Season: September 10 thru March 12


Pre-season / Location TBA (Begins September 10)

o 6 Pre-season clinics on Sundays with Coach Martin Cejka focusing on

Powerskating, Stickhandling, and Team Play (New!). Time and Location TBA. 

Regular Season / Lasker Rink (Begins October 29)

o Sundays 3:00 - 4:20 PM (Until November 12)

o Weekday practice day/time TBD

Games: 16-20 games will be played on Sundays at Lasker Rink as well as “Away” games at locations just outside of Manhattan, plus end of season Lasker Cup tournament. 

Capacity: 16 players


Season Schedule


Peewees News & Notes

Congratulations to the Icecats Peewees on their 1st place finish at the 2016/17 Peewee Lasker Cup!!!